The Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (RBM&E System) is a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Environment and Natural Resources Sector of Rwanda focusing on results.

The main objective of the RBM&E System is to provide sufficient reliable information to enable Environment and Natural Resources sector managers and other sector stakeholders, to know to what extent sector strategy objectives are being achieved.
A second important objective is to provide information on why particular levels of performance are being observed, in order to influence the development of strategies and activity plans and to support learning and decision-making. Analysis of data and trends provide a solid and evidence-based basis for decision and policy making. This will help to ensure environmental sustainability and sustainable use of natural resources and also understand contributions by the natural resources sector to national GDP.
The RBM&E system is built on the District Health Information System (DHIS2) Platform, which is an open-source software that can be downloaded for free on the Internet and is used by many countries around the world in different sectors. The system is designed around performance analyses and reporting, which occur on a monthly, six-monthly, quarterly and annual basis depending on the requirements for each indicator.

The processed data can be presented through powerful graphic tools such as charts, tables, graphs and maps with interactive interfaces for data presentation tools that allow users to navigate and extract information depending on their needs.

Link: RBME Application